Sales Skills

New sales skills for effective market access

Published by Tony Small

25 July, 2022


Are your sales team training programmes aligned to the new norms for market access?

In 2022 we face a very different set of market access opportunities and challenges. Recent research by McKinsey evidenced that digital interactions with sales representatives have increased by 41% and online chat by 21% in the last two years; and 76% of sales leadership now consider that remote sales interactions are as effective as in-person meetings for sales prospecting.

With these changes front of mind, it is imperative that organisations reassess their approach to sales training to ensure they are building the capabilities, skills and confidence required for sales personnel to communicate effectively in a digital first world. We consider that there are two aspects of sales training programmes that deserve careful consideration, as follows:

Training on the digital communication and collaboration environment – sales representatives need to be equipped to seamlessly manage the communication tools that they utilise to hold virtual meetings and conversations, including the importance of meeting set-up procedures and troubleshooting in the moment.

Communication skills in a virtual environment – engaging and effectively communicating in a virtual environment is very different to a face-to-face situation and all your customer facing people need to understand how to transition their communication skills for virtual meetings, both in terms of audio and video conferencing.

Here at ART Providers, we have curated a range of online learning programmes to help support you design an effective sales representative training programme fit for the world of market access today. Detailed below are a selection of courses for you to consider.

Virtual Technologies

Virtual Meeting and Presentation Skills